Buck Softtech helped many of the Industries with reliable IT solutions & tools developed for them. It brought many vital & visible improvements for the organizations. It enabled them in not just easing out their operations but also resulted in savings on many fronts.
The main intent of the company has always been, to only provide services that adds value for its esteemed clients and is growth oriented for them. The services offered for every industry at Buck Softtech is focused with this single mission only.

Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry :

The data and the information handled by these industries are not only huge & bulk but also of very sensitive. One cannot imagine handling manually, such humongous projects with precision as it demands so much accuracy and security too. All this and more can only be tackled effectively with the help of IT enabled latest tools and the technologies.Buck Softtech team has the capabilities required to handle it, up to the satisfaction of valued clients by constantly meeting their changing demands & requirements due to the change in environments or the conditions.


Professional Services Industries :

Information technology has transformed the way businesses used to provide professional services. It has empowered the processes making it easy, effective and efficient for the business. Tohave the control for trackingany entry or transaction enables the enterprise to manage it’s show very efficiently. Professional services requires needs ready information on the tips and the technology provides it

Govt. & Public sector Industries :

Working in government has changed drastically. New think tanks in govt. are inclined to use more and more technology as they are aware of it’s power to control and monitor. Time bound completion of the projects, file handling, attendance control, salary, mail and messaging, circulars and many such things require effective control which is not possible without using IT and technology. Timely alerts & reminders to the right people saves lots of manpower and effort costs. Government could use this for better control and filter out the situations which drag the projects and cause losses to the exchequer.


Education & Hospital Industries :

This industry is the backbone of the whole industry structure and is very vital for everyone. Future employees are generated by this industry only. Be it institutes, tuition centers, schools, colleges and universities all are producing candidates thru various kinds of training. Despite many such setups, we still find the lack of quality produce. People coming out of these institutions need to be industry job ready, which is a major hurdle for the employers. Companies want to utilize the candidates from day one, whereas situation at ground is absolutely different.

Effective use of technologies at the education centre could help the candidate in the required direction. Today online lectures & classes, online exams, specific online courses are getting trendy and popular amongst the students. It’s easy to learn at their own time and place and is cost effective too. This industry has also immense possibilities for the need of technology. Buck Softtech has been one of the pioneers in providing Shikshan a college management system (ERP), Hospital management system, and an online exam system for this industry. Lot more is left to be done.